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教务长办公室, Sacha Kopp, Ph.D.

Dr. 萨夏·科普,教务长


The 教务长办公室 provides leadership, 指导, 资源, and bridges between the academic and student affairs units on campus to create an integrated student experience.

The 教务长办公室 assists and oversees each of the six 学校 and one 大学 that comprise Academic Affairs, with the satellite campus, 佛罗伦萨的冈萨加, 同样包括. Please see the organization chart 在这里.

在一起, 教务长, the Deans and Associate Deans, the Vice and Associate 教务长s, as well as Chairs of departments and directors of centers or institutes make up the academic leaders of the university. All set goals grounded in Ignatian, Jesuit, Catholic, and humanistic education.


What is Academic Affairs?
Academic Affairs at 皇冠线上买球 leads, 促进, and supports efforts to establish the academic priorities of the University.

The 大学 and 学校 We Support

大学 of 艺术 Sciences

School of Business Administration


工程学院 & 应用科学


School of 领导 Studies



教务长办公室 Areas

Academic Affairs Administration

These administrative offices provide vital academic support to our students and other areas of the University.

Educational Effectiveness

Educational Effectiveness 促进 faculty development in the areas of teaching and assessment with the goal of improving student learning. Our work encompasses course design, curriculum mapping, and pedagogy. We also help students attain their goals for academic success.


We help find the next generation of Zags: Engaged, 聪明的, social-justice-minded students with a desire to improve the world. If that sounds like you, learn more about applying to GU or contact us with questions.


We help students develop through the Jesuit tradition of 看台personalis, the Latin phrase for “care for the whole person.” Explore the many aspects of student life at GU.

Male and female conducting chemistry experiment in lab environment.

研究 and Interdisciplinary Initiatives

This unit within the 教务长办公室 & Senior Vice 总统 provides leadership and support for Gonzaga’s research & scholarly efforts and initiatives.

Contact the 教务长办公室

502 E. 布恩大街